Bam Balam Explosion Volume 2, Australian Power Pop Compilation - Various Artists

Label:Bam Balam Records
Highlights:TV Sound (DM3)
My Kind (The Chevelles)
Girl In A Mexican Restaraunt (The Summer Suns)
You’d Better Run (The Screaming Tribesmen)
Make You Mine (The Stems)

Rating: 6.5/10

The Bam Balam Explosion Vol 2 is a Spanish retrospective compilation of Australian power pop that was released a few years ago. The booklet is really nicely put together with paintings by surrealist artist Andreu Llodra used to complement each artist while the liner notes are informative despite containing some really bad but funny English.

Of all the songs that were included on this compilation, the best songs are all associated with Dom Mariani, whether it be TV Sound (DM3), Girl In A Mexican Restaurant (The Summer Suns) or Make You Mine (The Stems). In fact Perth bands provide the major highlights on this CD as shown by The Rainyard’s Downward Rise, The Chevelles’ My Kind and Jack & The Beanstalk’s Some Brighter Day. Other great songs include The Screaming Tribesmen’s You’d Better Run, the Terraplanes’ TV Set and the Spliff’s Are You Happy Now? Unfortunately, this CD is far from definitive and there’s a lot of filler. Songs by such bands as Grooveyard, the Genes, the Zimmermen and Roddy Rodya are all either pretty average or have not dated well. And what is with Chris Masuak’s terrible It’s Christmas Time Again? All in all, this CD is worth having for your collection but if your looking for the definitive Australian power pop compilation then there are better releases.

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